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Personalized Matchmaking and Online Dating

Internet dating has a lot of challenges, which sometimes echoes the frustration that a lot of singles have when it comes to online dating. The Love Listeners have found a remedy to your challenges. We have devised a fool proof way to assist both online users and those that want to meet offline. The Love Listeners has a significantly distinct approach to ascertain compatibility between our matches. It is our core belief that when it comes to finding a perfect match, one cannot rely on computer algorithms alone. At The Love Listeners we believe it takes getting to truly know our clients in order to match them successfully.  We don’t believe that online dating is the root of all evil, we believe the manner in which you use online dating platforms may be the cause of some of your angst. That is why in addition to relying on technology, The Love Listeners go beyond the typical “give me  your money and I’ll see what I can do" approach by using Professional Matchmakers and Recruitment Specialists who meet with every single person joining our dating service. With such a tailored approach it not only allows us to address your unique relationship goals, but also ensures that our matches are the most compatible across all dimensions.


Experience The Love Listeners Revolution

In these current times with such a strong shift in dating culture, when society wants you to believe that true love doesn’t exist, The Love Listeners wants our members to take comfort in knowing that true love definitely still exists. We want to change your perspective. They tell you that there is a 50% divorce rate, well that’s great because that means that 50% of marriages are still working! They tell you that online dating doesn’t work and hiring a Matchmaker is too expensive. When in reality online dating does work and hiring a Matchmaker is your best option. The Love Listeners covers you from all angles, all you have to do is show up dressed to impress with your amazing smile and all that’s great about you. We will help you highlight your best qualities, while eliminating what’s slowing you down. With our know how and expertise we can get you the relationship you desire.


Packages Include:

Relationship coaching

Relationship Coaching

Coaching is a necessary function to any great matchmaking service. Without your Matchmaker getting to know you and your specific needs, it is nearly impossible to breed success. Coaching guarantees you keep all your amazing dating habits intact, while eliminating the ones that are slowing you down. Your Love Listener will keep you hopeful and accountable, to ensure you see success without giving up. Our relationship experts are responsible for improving their clients success in dating and relationships. Through open and honest discussion your Love Listeners will train you on how to attract and meet romantic partners, as well as couples in need of direction.

For more information on packages and pricing please contact an Information Specialist for details.