Join Our Database

Features & Benefits to becoming a Database User and an Exclusive Member.


Database Benefits

  • It is a intro into the world of Matchmaking.

  • This is a great option for those that want to get their feet wet with a little direction.

  • Affordable.

  • Vetted potential matches.

Database Features

  • You get looked at once a month for a personal search.

  • You get one hour a month with a Relationship Expert.

  • You get the opportunity to be matched with authentic, sexy, cool, successful exclusive members.

  • First dibs on special offers and promotions before the public.



Exclusive Member Features

  • Your own personal Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert.

  • Guaranteed Matches.

  • Guaranteed Expert time.

  • Hold time.

  • Constructive Feedback.

  • Member Approval.

  • Weekly Check-ins via telephone or email.

  • Seminars, Workshops, Mixers and Events.

Exclusive Member Benefits

  • Having your very own PM/RE allows you to navigate the challenging world of dating. They will encourage you, keep you motivated and help you solve your dating dilemma‚Äôs in real time.

  • As an EM you receive unlimited referrals .

  • Feedback is not only vital, it is absolutely necessary. The way it is given and received helps determine how successful you will be.

  • You get to meet quality, authentic, sexy and confident single men and women.

  • Guaranteed matches on a ongoing basis one at a time.

  • As an EM you get hold time. Hold time allows you to date exclusively.


To become an Exclusive Member, a consultation is required with one of our experts. This can be completed via phone, video chat and in person.