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DISCLAIMER* The views expressed here come from our professional experience and our personal opinions. Some
may not agree and that’s fine, we love sharing and learning other people’s perspectives. In some cases we may
just have to agree to disagree but let’s never be mean or disagreeable. Got it!? Cool, now let’s get to know each



We’re going to let you guys in on a little known fact that not enough of us practice, BELIEF! In order to achieve anything you want you must first believe you can achieve it. I promise you it’s not hard, all you have to do is be consistent with your thoughts. Think only of the things you want and envision living your outcome daily. It doesn’t have to be obsessive, just a simple reminder to yourself that you have a goal. You may be wondering how this equates in the dating and relationship world, well it’s actually a no brainer.

The Law Of Attraction works in all facets of life especially in the most important part of life, LOVE. Not only loving just yourself but others as well. Love is a universal language that every person should fight to learn the importance of, understand its role in your life and figure out what Love really is. How it can make you feel like you could move mountains, like you’re powerful and free enough that you could fly. Love is the central piece of every human being. We need each other- doesn’t it feel good to have a cheerleader, someone always in your court, always choosing you?

Well firstly that should be you! You need to love you the way you want to be loved. Then there’s that other kind of love. The love that is unwavering, sturdy up against tornadoes, thinks you are a necessary part of their life and chooses to stand by your side, roots for you loudly and is dependable. Everyone needs that love too, we’re humans we were made in love and for love. If you deeply want it in your soul and truly believe you can have it, you will have it and you can have it just how you envision it with the tweaks and all lol.

We’re Nic (Nicole Scott) and Tash (Natasha Saunders) we are a couple of cool chicks that are down to earth, passionate, loyal, nurturing and loving that happen to be awesome Matchmakers with a TON of experience (40 years combined 20 years each). A lot of our clients, followers and friends in the industry, tell us that we should blog because people need to hear from us. We’ve accomplished so much as Matchmakers, countless marriages, families and successful long term relationships to name a few. TOOT TOOT! Lol You damn right we’re going to TOOT TOOT, we take our career very seriously and we’re natural born lovers that can’t live without feeling the need to help you win at Love. Listen, we say “at” because the bottom line is Love’s a beast but once you tame it, it’s the best thing that could have ever happen to you.

Our lives are beautifully full, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but beautifully full. We are living our dreams, helping people find Love has been the most rewarding journey of our lives. Let me tell you though, the life of a Matchmaker is tough! When people find out our occupation they always say, “WOW that must be so much funnnnn.” Guys, it’s not fun lol it’s actually demanding and emotional at least for us it is. We take this very seriously and invest wholeheartedly into our members. We wear everything they wear , if your heart is broken then our hearts are broken cause we want you to win so bad! We pour ourselves into getting to know you and what makes you tick. What you laugh at or how you feel about the Leafs and Raptors losing AGAIN urgh lol.

We find the best way to match you and have you be successful is by getting to know the things about you that aren’t on paper. The stuff on paper is cool but it’s not YOU YOU you know? We want to know the YOU YOU so that when we’re putting your matches together we’re not just matching what’s on paper but matching the heart and soul of the man or woman we’re working on at the time. We’re going to put it to you clearly so there is no room for confusion, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS IN FINDING LOVE. People want it fast, quick in a hurry but it doesn’t work that way folks. It’s a game of patience and learning about yourself and yourself as a dater. It just doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does finally raise its beautiful face, it’s worth every single tear, every single “this isn’t ever going to work for me” moment you’ve ever felt (cause you’re human) put it like this, take the lowest moment you’ve ever felt in your life, now flip it! Your highs will match your lows, meaning that you will be happier than a pig in shit! We know this may read as all very cliché but we see it happen for people often so we know about the opposite side of what some of the “naysayers” are thinking.

True love still exists and it’s NOT unlikely to happen to you. You just have to be determined to get, if you truly want it. We have yet to meet a person that can convince us that single is better over time. Single is absolutely necessary at times, but over time it starts to weigh on you because you weren’t meant to be alone, even if you think you want to.

Hey guys?! You know it will happen right? Be patient and kind to yourself in the meantime, everything happens when it should as long as you want it.

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
- Lao Tzu