Don’t be a fake bi***


What does it mean to be a fake bi***. A fake bi*** is the women that pretends that nothing affects her, she comes off as challenging and closed. Typically there is a good reason for such behavior, it comes from heart break. BUT, if you want positive results you’re going to have to let that bi*** go. Often times people to protect themselves talk a lot of shit when it’s actually the complete opposite of their actions and behavior. You know the type “I would never accept this from my partner” and then behind closed doors they’re doing everything they said they wouldn’t or worse they’re the other woman! Being fake of any kind starts things off on the wrong foot. It makes issues difficult to bring up at a later time, especially once you have already been all in. Sharing your true intentions from the beginning is so important and will keep you more positive and happy in the relationship building process, plus your potential life partner gets to make a solid decision based on the reality of who you are.

 So now you want to ask yourself the question, who is the real you? It is very important to know who that is so that you can be your best self while trying to build a relationship. Matching men for the last few decades we have a lot of knowledge on what they really want in a mate. Men are pretty easy they want someone who is attractive to them, nice and most importantly PEACE!  

 As woman we tend to have a lot more needs, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, if we aren’t using our charms for good it can be. We want to empower our ladies to use your femininity for good by being emotionally stable and aware of our own unspoken behaviors. Don’t say one thing when you actually mean the other, don’t agree to things that don’t make you feel good. It doesn’t usually work out in the end, plus if he is truly interested in you he will make allowances, he’s going to want you feeling good.

 If you ever decide to be brave and put yourself out there, make sure that you are being kind and loving to yourself first and foremost, that way he’ll feel you when your near, he’ll catch your vibe and will want to roll with it.

sanjay trivedi