Meet Nic&Tash


Nicole and Natasha are Professional Matchmakers and Relationship Experts. They began their careers in 1999 working for one of the largest leading relationship companies in North America, it is there where they honed the art of matchmaking. Their specialty is helping people find love through relationship building with their clients pre, during and post to provide a tailored and customizable footprint to long term relationship success based on their clients unique needs.

Nicole is married to the most incredible man she’s ever known. She credits her husband for most of her growth as a wife, friend and human being. They share a brilliant son that makes her second guess if she ever really knew what love was before he came.

 Natasha is all heart and there is no one else in the world like her, she’s a special brand of amazing. Natasha is married to her best friend, she is also the mother of two of the most incredible little women you’ll ever be blessed to know.

Their lives are beautifully full living their dreams, helping people find Love.