How it works

The Love Listeners is a Professional Matchmaking Company that boasts the industries most elite Matchmakers and Relationship Experts. Our Experts have dedicated themselves to the art of  matchmaking for over 30 years with tremendous success. Our team has assisted well over 100,000 hopeful singles and dedicated couples in their journey to find success in love

The Love Listeners

How it Works

You will have a private confidential consultation with your Recruitment Specialist. This process will consist of assessing whether you and The Love Listeners Matchmaking are a mutual fit.

Your file will be transferred to our Matchmaking team, where you will be introduced to your personal Matchmaker and Relationship Expert via telephone.

We will begin the Matchmaking process. You will be matched according to your criteria and assessment. During this process your personal Matchmaker and Relationship Expert will be in touch with you on a regular basis. The goal in the process is not only to be your accountability partner and cheerleader, but also to ensure you come full circle in your pursuit to find your true love through quality matches and support.

This is the fun part! Once a match is found we will contact you to share your match recommendations and give you your option of "Member Approval".

Feedback - You are responsible for for contacting your expert and sharing your thoughts on the success of your date. This is a necessary function to make sure you are on track.

Live happily ever after! (when applicable)